Support Keep Us Fed

  • Help comes in all shapes and sizes and we are thankful for all of it!
  • As this organization continues to grow, we need supplies to transport, weigh and keep the food fresh for our recipients. We have very low overhead on purpose.
  • All volunteers are given a “Starter Kit” containing plastic bins, cold storage bags, and a t-shirt so they can begin delivering food as soon as possible.
  • What can a $50 donation do for this organization? It helps to buy a volunteer starter kit and replace supplies such as food handling gloves, broken tubs, or scales.
  • Keep US Fed welcomes individuals, companies, and organizations to financially support our mission.
  • For every $1 donated, Keep US Fed can recover and deliver 25 meals worth of food.

Other ways to give:

If you are part of a company, church, or organization wishing to make a financial donation, please contact to learn more about partnering with Keep US Fed.

Donate by mail: Send a donation payable to

“Keep US Fed – Montgomery County”

3915 W. Davis Ste 130-223

Conroe, TX 77304