“I always felt like it was one of the most impactful opportunities that only required a couple of volunteer hours of my day.”

Nancy, Volunteer

“I have been doing this for over a year and have really enjoyed it. I have met many really nice and dedicated people picking up food that not long ago was thrown away and now is providing food for families in need.”

Don, Volunteer

Do you want to learn more or are already volunteering with Keep US Fed – Montgomery County? Visit www.givepulse.org, search for “Montgomery County” and then “Keep US Fed”.

Do you want to speak directly with someone about getting started?

Call (936) 206-3604.

  • Keep US Fed completes over 90 food recovery runs each week
  • 100% of food recovery is done by volunteers
  • Volunteering with Keep US Fed is flexible and fun!
  • An average food run takes just 90 minutes
  • We have options to meet your schedule – weekly, biweekly or as a substitute
  • We also need volunteers to help with administrative, organizational and marketing tasks
  • Email volunteercoordinator@keepusfedmoco.org to learn more or get started today.